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Art centers


Here you find the art center and its artifacts which make your adventure wonderful and you can take one of artifact you are interested in.

The art centers include:

  • Inema Art Center: is one of East African’s major art galleries, housing a collection of artists from around the African Continent.
  • ivuka art studio:Founded in 2007 by artist Colin Sekajugo, Ivuka Arts started as a center to introduce modern art to Rwanda. A group of seven at the outset, the artists had a place to work together and work with the local community. The lack of arts education in Rwanda inspired the group to invite young locals to learn to paint.
  • Niyo Arts Gallery. The gallery exhibits artworks of young ambitious Rwandan and Ugandan artists, who wish to support charitable work with their art. Therefore up to 50 percent of the gains from every painting which is sold in the gallery go to the fund of the street children of Niyo Cultural Centre.
  • Established in September 2007, Ishyo Arts Centre is a platform for artists, art lovers, cultural professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone who is passionate about art. This successful non-governmental organization operates locally and internationally and brings cultural practitioners together to make traditional and contemporary culture available to all. Ishyo also develops and supports innovative artists, projects and training programs mainly in literature, dance, music, poetry and theatre.

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